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Where it all began...

As long as I can remember, me and my family have always been involved with searching for buried treasure. As a child my parents were involved in gold mining in Alaska, rockhounding in North Carolina, exploring old abandoned house in Montana, New Hampshire and Colorado, metal detecting for Blackbeard's treasure along the North Carolina coast, searching for old bottles in Colonial Virginia past dumps, and finally through selling collectibles and antiques online. I would describe myself as a "Picker" or treasure hunter by heart, and always will be. I am currently the CEO of an estate sale company located in Omaha, Nebraska, and decided it was time to share some of my secrets with other potential treasure hunters. I have been a Powerseller on eBay for many years, and have sold collectibles online and in local antique malls for over 18 years. I study current buying trends and love reading anything to do with U.S. nostalgia. I would love to preserve what is left, before the wrecking crews end up taking it all away. I started this site and also wrote a book titled, "Stop Throwing Cash in the Trash: Your Guidebook to Finding Hidden Treasures and Transforming Them into Huge Profits." I hope you will check it out. It has over 350 pages of current collecting trends with more than 480 photos to view. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this site as a blast into the blast!!

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